Production Lead Standard

Schiedam 3125 AT
Your role
  • Managing the employees in the production standard department;
  • Managing and supporting the material management department;
  • Monitoring a correct/timely execution of the production planning;
  • Monitoring the agreed standards (5S, standard work);
  • Analyzing existing production processes using Lean Tools and implementing improvements;
  • Assessing the (internal) product failure and drafting or implementing improvement proposals;
  • Following up on process and product-related change proposals;
  • Validating prepared assembly instructions;
What are we asking for
  • Education at least HBO in a technical direction;
  • The job holder is able to assess and improve production processes through a continuous improvement process with a view to aligned objectives;
  • Position holder preferably has experience in a technical production environment;
  • Job holder knows how to maintain a balance between professionalism and humanity. Can sometimes act as a directive, but also knows how to stimulate employees to come up with new ideas;
  • Job holder has a command of the Dutch and English language in word and writing;
  • Job holder has a high quality awareness.

Public administration
The job holder is able to optimize the production process and to have it aligned with adjacent processes. The job holder comes up with improvement proposals and knows how to implement them. He/she organizes the production process in such a way that a learning effect occurs.

The job holder coordinates with the planning and ensures optimal feedback so that the production process is improved. He/she is also responsible for the planning of the various assignments and coordinates the production process.

Job holder is able to steer different ways of production, coordinate improvement proposals with QPE and PPE and implement them, organize production in such a way that it meets the required quality, that the products are delivered on time and that everything stays within the estimated budget.

Social skill
The job holder is able to divide the work evenly. The interaction takes place with employees within their own department and outside the department. Logical argumentation is an important part of the job. He/she is receptive to the points of view of others and is assertive in communicating his/her own points of view.

Problem treatment
Freedom of thought

Job holder is able to choose the correct existing procedures. He/she responds to the changing circumstances and knows how to adjust the priorities where necessary in order to achieve the agreed objective. The job holder comes up with proposals for improvement to better align the working methods with the changing organization and actively contributes to the prevention of future problems

Complexity of the problem
Job holder recognizes the challenges through comparison based on previous experience. He/she makes an inventory and selects the possible solutions and chooses from them the best solution for the problem.

Freedom to act

Job holder works on the basis of short-term objectives. He/she can set his/her own priorities and deviate from existing procedures where necessary. Job holder is assessed on final results in terms of quality and timeliness and has access to support.

Nature of the influence
Job holder has a shared responsibility for achieving end results.

Officer has a recognizable influence on > 15 million turnover.

About Orga

Orga is a high-tech company based in the Netherlands with offices all over the world. We develop and produce smart offshore and onshore obstruction marking, helideck landing systems, navigation aids, external power supply and explosion-proof products and services. Our internal researchers and product developers are driven to innovate and constantly improve our products. For more than 40 years Orga has attracted worldwide attention with its unique products and the focus on personal development! We have an open and informal culture, the no-nonsense approach ensures that our clientele has been growing for many years. The effort of motivated and enthusiastic colleagues is of course indispensable. Our people always go one step further and work closely with our customers and regulatory authorities. That means we have a conversation and work hard to build long-term partnerships. We are adoptive and courageous to lead the industry with our innovations!

What we offer
  • Good primary and secondary employment conditions in an international innovative organization and market;
  • Internal trainings and education to grow within the company;
  • A monthly Employee Benefits Budget and participation for the collective bonus scheme;
  • Discount on different collective insurances;
  • Pension scheme;
  • Work with international people and specialists in different fields;
  • Work in a big company with a family culture;