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Riscure BV

Riscure is a young, ambitious organization specializing in embedded security testing for leading international clients from the semiconductor, payment, Pay TV, mobile and smart metering industry. In addition, Riscure is the leading vendor of specialist security testing products. We have 50 employees with mixed technical and academic backgrounds working from offices in Delft, The Netherlands and San Francisco, USA. Riscure is organized in three units: Security Lab, Inspector, and Riscure North America.

The security testing of electronics is executed inside a lab environment that contains 30 work places, used by security analysts to perform their tasks. Security testing often requires reverse engineering and modification of electronics of e.g. mobile phones or TV decoders. One-time and innovative test environments must be built to test the security mechanisms of these products. Proper organization and coordination is required in the lab for security analysts to perform their tasks in an efficient manner.

Delftechpark 49
2628 XJ Delft
Tel: toon nummer
Email: hrm@riscure.com
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